Golden Burgers
Long Beach

Golden Burgers is evolving! Get ready for an upgrade as we become Eat Fantastic!


2301 E 4th St,
Long Beach,
CA 90814


Monday–Thursday: 8am – 10pm

Friday: 8am – 11pm
Saturday: 7am – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Crafting Gourmet Bliss Soon in Long beach

Indulge in savory perfection at our fast casual restaurant, where every mouthwatering creation is a labor of love. We take pride in crafting each burger, chicken tender, and breakfast item from scratch, using the finest and freshest ingredients from local sources.

Fast, Fresh, Fantastic:
Making Burgers From Scratch Since 1979

At Eat Fantastic, culinary excellence meets fast casual dining. Our restaurant is your destination for handcrafted LA classics that elevate the standard.

From our thoughtfully sourced ingredients to our chef-inspired creations, every bite is an invitation to savor the moment. Order today to experience your favorite casual and breakfast foods like never before.

A Fantastic Story

Over 45 years ago, a man from a small village left Greece to pursue his passion, fantastic food. Thus starting what is known today as the famous local restaurant, Fantastic Cafe.

This same passion was passed down to his son, with the initials of EAT, who also pursued crafting great food for all of Los Angeles.

The son created Burger City Grill, and an LA staple was born.

Eat Fantastic is the hybrid of two generations. We offer a simple, straightforward menu with all the Fantastic classics along with tasty new twists.

Eat Fantastic redefines fantastic food.

We may look different, but The Name (still) Says It All.

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Our Goldenburger restaurant is conveniently located at 2301 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814.



California’s All Star Menu

Our entire menu is made in-house from scratch, with the freshest ingredients and sauces you won't find anywhere else.

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