About Eat Fantastic: The Tastiest Takes on the Classics

At Eat Fantastic, we’re all about making the most amazing food in a casual, friendly environment. We’ve spent years perfecting LA residents’ favorite fast meals with unique house-made sauces, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and the best customer experience we can provide.

Gourmet For Every Day

Fantastic food should be part of your regular week.

Whether you’re grabbing a bite in the morning or catching up with friends over a laid-back dinner, we want to make the experience delicious.

Quality Ingredients

Fresh ingredients make everything better. By prioritizing quality produce, meats, and other ingredients from local sources you love, we make every Eat Fantastic meal a culinary delight.

Locally Sourced Produce

We take pride in partnering with local farmers and suppliers to bring you the freshest and most flavorful produce. From crisp lettuce to ripe tomatoes, each ingredient is handpicked to ensure quality and support local agriculture.

Premium Meat Selection

Our burgers are crafted with care using premium meats chosen for their flavor, tenderness, and overall quality. We work with trusted suppliers who share our commitment to real, fresh food.

Freshly Breaded Chicken

Our chicken is hand-brined, breaded with our signature mix, and fried to crispy perfection to give you that unique, utterly delicious flavor you crave. Our chicken tenders are not just a lunch box choice, but a culinary experience worthy of their own special sauce.

Baked-to-Perfection Buns

More than just a platform for our fantastic burger patties and produce, our buns are a crucial part of the burger experience. Baked fresh daily, our buns boast a perfect balance of softness and structure, providing the ideal foundation for the extraordinary flavors within.

Signature Sauces

Elevate your taste buds with our signature sauces, crafted in-house to enhance the unique profile of each meal choice. From tangy to savory, our unique sauces take your meal to the next level.

Your Favorite Flavors

Customers love our fresh flavor combinations, from the popular Mamba Burger with all the toppings to our highly customizable breakfast burritos. Check out our secret menu online to see what the insiders are ordering.

Fantastic Since 1979

At Eat Fantastic, we have deep California roots. We are a family-owned business with ties to Fantastic Cafe and Burger City Grill, a classic fast food eatery in Torrance. Eat Fantastic came about from a simple idea: What if we made our food gourmet and matched everything on the menu to the burgers?

Customer service has been a core part of our philosophy from the beginning. We’ve worked hard to create a fantastic dining experience with high-quality food, great value, and a personal touch. Customers agree our burgers, breakfast burritos, and house-made sauces are the GOAT.

Eat Fantastic Story

A Fantastic Story

Over 45 years ago, a man from a small village left Greece to pursue his passion, fantastic food. Thus starting what is known today as the famous local restaurant, Fantastic Cafe.

This same passion was passed down to his son, with the initials of EAT, who also pursued crafting great food for all of Los Angeles.

The son created Burger City Grill, and an LA staple was born.

Eat Fantastic is the hybrid of two generations. We offer a simple, straightforward menu with all the Fantastic classics along with tasty new twists.

Eat Fantastic redefines fantastic food.

We may look different, but The Name (still) Says It All.

Fantastic… Since 1979

From Small to Sizzling

Eat Fantastic sprouted when a father passed his love of crafting fantastic food down to his son. Together with our family’s original Fantastic Cafe and Burger City Grill, Eat Fantastic has become an LA institution.

Modern Eats For Modern Lifestyles

Eat Fantastic today is locals’ favorite spot for mouthwatering meals at any time of day — from the morning commute to midday munchies to late-night snacks. Whether you’re coming in for a low-key meal or bringing our gourmet food back home for movie night, we’ve got you covered.



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California’s All Star Menu

Our entire menu is made in-house from scratch, with the freshest ingredients and sauces you won't find anywhere else.

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